Adobe LCM X Thesis Agency

My Role

As a member of the team, I specialize in crafting promotional content for both new and established features within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. My role spans across creative imagery, layout design, and motion design. Collaborating closely with design leaders, copywriters, and project producers, I ensure that our promotional materials not only showcase the innovative capabilities of Adobe's tools but also resonate deeply with our target audience, all while meeting tight project deadlines.

Project Description




Within Adobe's client base, Individuals who have either subscribed and subsequently unsubscribed or engaged in a free trial that did not culminate in a subscription. That could be because they didn't find much use for the product, The price might have been high so they went to the competitor, or simply because they found the Adobe experience of creating was too difficult. we wanted to find ways to show those users that Adobe has a vast variety of resources at their fingertips by showing it in a creative and inspiring way. Our primary challenge lies in devising a strategy to reignite the interest of these prospective users, enticing them to re-engage with the Adobe ecosystem through compelling imagery and persuasive copy.

The Goal

Adobe's LCM (Life Cycle Marketing) deliverables were creative email campaigns. Created to appeal to a diverse audience of Adobe Creative Cloud users, Which made up of past subscribers and trial participants, our mission is clear: reignite their passion for our products. Whether through easy-to-use freebies, exclusive discounts, or simply by showcasing inspirational imagery, to encourage subscription reactivation.
At the end of the day, the main thing I found behind Adobe's Goal is to evoke a sense of ease of use, compelling users to dive back in and explore further. The aim is to inspire users to explore further and dive back in, which can be achieved by creating content that is moving and showcases Adobe's capabilities. With Adobe's products, the emphasis is on making users feel inspired with an "I can do that" mentality. Using the word "inspire" is a purposeful choice. We use words like that to stay away from harsh tactics to get users back on board. As a team, we felt it was important to make Adobe's products approachable and user-friendly so that users feel empowered to create amazing things themselves. To make the products more user-friendly, I meticulously selected elements, such as high-quality imagery, simplified UI, and welcoming color palettes.