Adobe All Apps Discover Content Kits X Thesis Agency

My Role

My job for this project was to showcase Adobe's range of products through compelling imagery in paid social media ads and website display banners. These ads were strategically linked to free assets that promote the use of multiple products within Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription bundles. The aim is to reignite user interest and encourage them to explore further, with an emphasis on making Adobe's products more approachable and user-friendly.

Project Description




For this project, we as a team needed to deliver on 60 variations of display banners and crafted 30 social media posts, spanning platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram Stories. Each deliverable featured distinct assets tailored to their respective destinations, ensuring optimal engagement and alignment with the linked content.

The Goal

The challenge with this set is effectively showcasing a variety of compelling assets to encourage both existing and potential Creative Cloud users to enhance their skills through Adobe's Discovery Page tutorials. Many users of Adobe products are unaware of the wealth of free tutorials available on Adobe's website. Therefore, our aim was not only to spotlight these resources but also to ensure that users could easily access and utilize them to their advantage.